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Thailand is one of the top countries in the world that people around the world wish to visit once, whether they want to travel, come to live, live after retirement, or to do business.

The reason is because of Thailand is outstanding. It has one of the top reputations in the world regarding tourism. There is a beauty of tourist attractions throughout every region of Thailand. The topographical characteristics and atmosphere that people around the world can live in and well as its ancient and beautiful culture making the majority of Thai people to be good-natured, friendly and kind making foreign tourists and foreigners feel safe and impressed when visiting Thailand.

Thailand is also abundant with a wide variety of foods, including agricultural products, rice, fruits, animal farms, processed foods, seafood. No matter what the global economy is, Thailand still has abundance of food. There is no shortage of foods. It can be the kitchen of the world very well.

Regarding economy, Thailand is an open country with free trade, along with rich resources and agricultural products and various industries, so it remains a country worth investing in business

As for public health, during the COVID-19 crisis, Thailand was said to be a country with strict safety measure and people provide cooperation strictly. There are public and private hospitals with specialized fields. As a result, foreigners all over the world have come for treatment and Thailand has the largest health center in Asia.

For reasons above, foreigners around the world want to live, work, travel or come to live after retirement, causing property in Thailand to continue to grow despite the political and covid-19 situation. When the situation gets back to normal, the property business will thrive again.

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